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When CogentHedge launched 15 years ago its goal was to provide the most accurate and accessible set of analytical tools available to the hedge fund investor. We achieved that objective - but that was 15 years ago. Everything has changed since then:

  • hedge funds have evolved
  • the market has expanded
  • individuals and small organizations are retaking the lead as key active investors
  • rules of engagement have changed dramatically
  • managers are finding themselves overwhelmed by volatile regulatory and economic environments, and
  • professionals working with alternative investments are inundated with products of ambiguous benefit.

Enter HedgeAlytix. Designed from the ground up to provide concrete benefits to five identified key constituencies:

  1. Investors
  2. Hedge fund managers
  3. Financial advisors
  4. Fund marketers
  5. Investment analysts

HedgeAlytix offers each group a unique set of Intelligent Tools to help better achieve their own goals. Click on your category to see what HedgeAlytix can give you.

Unlike the institutional research options, HedgeAlytix is a cost-effective solution. A quarterly charge of $120 grants you access to our full range of Intelligent Tools. And now, while we are still building our platform, the price is reduced by half - and will remain at $60 per quarter for the following two billing cycles for all new registrants. Not only that, but we also allow you to register for entry to the full scope of our application on a trial basis at no charge whatsoever. This trial registration grants you access to the power of our database query and reporting capabilities - the data itself is simply masked at this level.

Come to https://hedgealytix.com for the newest hedge fund performance platform - that has been serving the investment community since 2001.