HedgeAlytix Library and Blog

HedgeAlytix benefits for Fund Marketing, Investor Relations, and Third-Party Marketers:

  • Establish a positive presence among the entire range of qualified investors
    • Easily manage separate class listings
    • Specific vehicles can identify specific investor categories for access
  • Present your funds in an unbiased comparative environment
    • No “pay to play” hierarchy
    • Platform is informational only:
      • Research, not “advertising”
  • Identify your funds’ key strengths by evaluating funds relative to its peers
    • Help to crystallize your funds’ qualitative profiles and presentation
    • Full access to all vehicles allows head-to-head comparisons on all characteristics
  • Fund factsheets
    • Generate and distribute monthly factsheets of comprehensive statistical and qualitative detail for marketing support and client communications
  • Receive requests for information from qualified investors directly through the web site
    • Meets criteria for reverse solicitation
    • Internal mechanism masks your email addresses to minimize nuisance
    • Allows manager option to contact/ignore inquiries
  • Gain valuable real time fund-specific information through ongoing web site traffic monitoring
    • Platform developing weekly feedback loop for search activity by:
      • Fund
      • Investment strategy


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