HedgeAlytix defaults to a 36-month period for fund analytics. This is done to present all funds on a level playing field. It allows you to easily compare how different investment strategies and different policies respond to similar conditions. Of course, full Life of Fund performance metrics are always just a mouse click away.

CogentHedge, HedgeAlytix's predecessor, was created in 2000 for investment professionals; principally prime brokers, administrators, institutional investors and large family offices. The new HedgeAlytix provides the same institutional-strength hedge fund analytics for the rest of us. Our platform collects, calculates and disseminates hedge fund performance analytics, comparative statistics, full descriptive profiles and contact information for alternative investments offered worldwide.

Hedge funds are unregistered investment vehicles which involve substantial risk of loss. Only after careful due diligence and knowledge of the potential risks involved in investing in such alternative investment products should accredited and qualified investors consider investment decisions.